Questions, and lots of them!

which is your favorite city in your country?

I really like Gothenburg, it’s very cosy there. 🙂

why don’t you upload more of your school assignments?

I did on my older blog. Right now we’re not at school and haven’t been since May. When I get back I’ll try to update more with my assignments. 🙂

not a question but I wanted to let you know that when you had black short hair you reminded me of Chris Corner 🙂

That I take as a complement. 😀
I’ve heard it before actually, nice to hear it again!

do you live on your own or with your family/boyfriend? other than Kiko of course 🙂

I live in two places. When I am studying I live with my boyfriend. Otherwise I live at home with my family. Kiko stays where I stay, he’s a true stalker!

so do you live in Gamleby or do you travel to your school?

If I would travel to school it would take me about 4-6 hours! So yes, I live in Gamleby when I study.

is your boyfriend swedish? because his last name doesn’t sound much swedish.

His surname is Latvian actually.

how did you and harriet meet?

At compulsory-school

how did you find deviantart and what do you think about the current situation of the site?

Hm. I believe I found it through Gaia Online. I used to love that place, looking on other’s drawings and photos. I had some favourite artists there that linked to DeviantArt. I really like DeviantArt, mostly because of the people there. Not much fan of all the naked photos that appear everywhere, but other than that I enjoy looking at the artists art that I admire

have you ever thought of leaving Sweden so you can pursue your career as a photographer in another country? do you think a photographer can survive/built a successful career in Sweden?

I’ve thought about Japan, because I really like their fashion and culture. Not sure I would survive there, but it would have been damn awesome!

Yes, I do. But I guess it depends on that kind of photography you’re interested in. My clients are often from other countries.

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When will you graduate for Gamleby? Would you recommend it as a a good school or not? And which was your favorite assignment so far?

Next year actually. Yes, I do think it’s a good school. I’ve learnt a lot! Not only by the teachers but also my friends in class. My favourite assignment, hm. I guess it must have been when Johan Westin gave us an assignment about setting lights in the studio. When we first got it I didn’t think my work would turn out good, artificial lightning doesn’t speak to me as much as natural (mostly because I’m not so good with it). Anyhow, we had to set up classical, hard and soft light. Somehow they turned out much better than I imagined and the teacher liked them very much. ^^ So I would say this one was my favourite because I learnt much and got nice response.

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I’ve been dying my hair red for a couple of months now. But it never stayed the right color. So I wanted to know, which dye have you used? 🙂

I use Schwarzkops Brilliance series. At first I used “intense red” but switched to “kashmir red”

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Blossom by Enikő Szabó


check out her gallery, it’s really nice. :>


Doesn’t look like me at all. 😀

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