Someone knows what he’s getting for Christmas. ^^


Of course I wear my cupcakes earrings today!


If you’re having a hard time figuring out how the aperture or the shutter works in a camera you can easily find out here: http://www.kamerasimulator.se/eng/?page_id=2http://www.kamerasimulator.se/eng/?page_id=2


A new retouch on this one. Decided to retouch the whole series again, wasn’t too pleased with the last retouch of them. Already retouched two new photos, I guess there will be more. ūüôā

Model: Ida K
make up & hair: heidi e


Went to a store today which sold Nintendo stuff. I was so happy when I found a Yoshi plushie. Sure I have no need for it, but I’ve always wanted a Yoshi. He’s always been my favourite.^^ I also found a NES console, I wish I could have bought it, our works only when it wants to.



Not entirely finished with it, need to fix some on the skin and colour as it isn’t even.

Model: Ida Kyllerman
Make up and hair: Heidi Edberg

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