Sister Sinister



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Model: Sister Sinister
Latex: HMS latex
Photo: Josefine Jönsson




Model: Harriet Arnberg
photo and retouch: myself
Light and directors: Robert Purvins and Isabelle Alsén (also did the make-up).

I took some images from this shoot also, and found them for some days ago. Wanted to retouch it because I am trying to build a retouch portfolio. Harriet went to Gamleby for a shoot, we two were going to shoot with some feather theme, but it kind of ended up with a collaboration between Robert, Isabelle and me. So therefore I won’t take too much credit for the idea or the settings in the image more than the image itself and the retouch. 🙂


I don’t think I’ve shown you guys the whole series with Alex.

Model: Alex @ modelone
make up: Tuija Valén
retouch: Robert Purvins


A new retouch on this one. Decided to retouch the whole series again, wasn’t too pleased with the last retouch of them. Already retouched two new photos, I guess there will be more. 🙂

Model: Ida K
make up & hair: heidi e


Not entirely finished with it, need to fix some on the skin and colour as it isn’t even.

Model: Ida Kyllerman
Make up and hair: Heidi Edberg


I’ve been retouching the skin and hair, and I guess I will keep it cropped like this. The colour may be wrong, my screen hates me.

Model: Ida K

make up & hair: heidi edberg

Oh, and I am tired of people taking my photos and retouch for/as hideous designs, text and colours. Also people using my name and art, pretending to be me. Really?
I am OK with people sharing my art, assuming they write my name and link back to me. I’d love when people enjoy my work and want to share it with others, all I ask for is my rightful credit.


Model: Jonas Carmhagen

Well, it was about time Jonas did some modeling for my photos. Spent my day shooting with Jonas and now I am just retouching. 🙂
More to come!


An old series, with newer retouch!
I took this series of Emina in June this year, but thought I could retouch it with the workflow I do now rather than back then.

Model: Emina Muftic

Direction: Dino Muftic

Stylist: Nathalie Pålsson


Model: Axel Bergendorff

Photo & retouch: myself


With some help from Robert in the studio ^^


Taken earlier this year. Modelling was Daniel Stenberg. 🙂

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