January 2011


My first day with Emma began with retouching some photos for Weekday. Actually quite fun and inspiring! Her photos always seem to have an analogue touch to them and seeing that it is there even in the RAW makes it more great, I think. Anyhow, spent my day retouching those images and watched Emma retouch some herself.

Today I spent almost the whole day at Emma’s studio where I began retouching some more photos for Weekday to later on retouch somewhat more beauty. I wish I could show them to you guys , but I guess it has to wait for now. I am so full of inspiration that I don’t know where to go! But I am so tired these days so, I go to sleep before twelve… haha. Good thing though. 🙂


We’re finally done moving now!
I went to Robert last Thursday and spent the weekend there with his family. There sure was a lot of snow and many, many cats! And two dogs actually. Anyhow, we also had time to see the new movie Tron, which was quite nice. I liked the music the most!

We began packing on Saturday and drove to Stockholm yesterday to move in into our new apartment. It is quite big, we’re used to a very small one in Gamleby. I’ll show you photos of it someday! Tomorrow I will be on my first day with Emma, I guess I can keep you guys updated with that also if you’d like.

Other than that, let’s look on the series with Harriet that is finished now. 🙂

Model: harriet arnberg

make up and hair: Kajsa ståhlberg

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