October 2010


300 posts and a video of Kiko playing with a ball 😀



Been looking through my older photos again, but this time when it comes to nature and animals. I’ve taken… quite a lot. Feels like it never ends! Anyhow, wanted to share some photos from 2007-2010. I’ve been updating my nature gallery on Deviantart also, mosly uploaded better quality of them. I am not even close to finish, but enjoy for now. ^^


Taken with 70-300 mm, 2007

Taken with 50 mm 1.8, 2008

Taken with 70-300 mm, 2009

Taken with 85 mm 1.8, 2009

Taken with 50 mm 1.4 … I think!, 2010


I guess you guys remember me being on Cat Clarke’s book cover? Well now there is an interview about it on her website. Check it out! 😀




Hmm, Kiko sure loves attention.


Vlada Roslyakova by Jacques Olivar for Marie Claire Italia October 2010

Some lovely inspiration to you!

Love, love these images. They’re cold and pale and the environment is to die for!





A few of you have asked me questions about my extension tube so I decided to upload an image of it.
It’s a Canon extension tube EF25 II. It has no internal lenses and is usually used for macro photography. You put it between your camera and your lens.

Here I use it on my 50 mm 1.4 for images like these:

Mostly flowers and smaller things like jewellery.


No idea why I haven’t shown you this one until now! Anyway, got this one from Robert. <3
I saw someone wearing a hoodie with these ravens on it at Metaltown. Robert was kind to ask him and when it was my birthday  I got it! Purple and ravens, great combination.

And today’s outfit


Another school assignment. This is from 2009 and from our lectures with a Swedish photographer called Johan Westin. We should set a light for a portrait and this is my photo. Modelling is Karolina Krupa, an awesome photographer may I add.


Kiko hiding in Robert’s hands, hihi :>

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