October 2010


Photographer Carlo Bosco and make up artist Tuija Valén had a workshop in school today. It was quite fun!

Bosco and the two models

Photographer Johan Westin was also there. We had lectures with him last year so it is quite nice he is back again to teach us more about lights. :>

In action and…

a photo from the shoot!

More photos tomorrow!


Photo and retouch by Robert. <3

Make up and hair by myself. ^^


Hihi, Kiko loves to be scratched on his head. ^^


A sneak peek on the dress ^^


I am going out now for a shoot with my new dress. ^^ I’ll show you later! It’s quite pretty and kind of lolita style. 🙂


Just love this series by Zhang Jinga.


Photographed by Zhang Jinga

Modeled by Denise

Styled by Mildred von Hildegard of Mother of London


Hm, I don’t have anything to post or write today. So I give you some questions instead:

What do you recomend to take an good self portrait with self timer? I mean ISO, EF, lens, light… Your selfs are amazing!

Kind of depends on what you’re after. I use a 50 mm 1.4 and love working with it for self portraits, but only when it comes to tripod. Otherwise it’s hard to take portraits with a 50mm. I usually take mine in front of a big windows, after noun with big aperture. 🙂

what’s the dye you use for your hair?

schwarzkopf brilliance intense red 🙂

what kind of make up do you use?

Many different ones! But without any labels, I love eye-liners. ^^


how large is your apartment?

Not big, we live two in a apartment made for one person ^^

Do you do the makeup for your models? And if so, about how long does it take? Btw, I love the way you do your eyeliner 🙂

Sometimes, but other time it is a make up artist and sometimes the model her/himself. If I do it, maybe 30 minutes, but longer if a make up artist let their magic begin!

How tall are you?

About 5 feet 8 inches, I think. or 172 cm^^

is your bf wearing a re:vision camera lens cuff?how much did it cost?

Yeah, he bought one for me also :3.
It’s kind of a bracelet. Didn’t cost so much, 10 $, the one who sells them are Adam Elmakias.

how did you feel when you died them from black to red?

Well, I’ve had black for some years so it felt nice with some change. it was quite a procedure though, never bleached my hair this much before. But I really come to like it, but nowadays I just re-colour than bleach before I colour it red again.

Ask me anything


Lina Scheynius for vogue uk november 2010

Some inspirations for you :3


Forgot about these. Took these on 2010-10-10, awesome date I would say. 🙂


To an assignment in school. We got an article about drowning and our assignment was to create a poster for it. I will add some text later, something like “children drown in silence.”, but in Swedish. Modelling was Tuva Larsson.

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